Dastak - DVD

Dastak - DVD
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Dastak - DVD

Director: Mahesh Bhatt Music: Rajesh Roshan Actor/Actresses: Sushmita Sen, Mukul Dev, Sharad Kapoor Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Sharad Sule watched his television in his small apartment in Bombay circa 1994 when there was a live telecast of the crowning of Miss Universe pageant. He watched as the second runner-up (Venezuela), first runner-up (Colombia) and finally the title go to India's Sushimita Sen. He hit the pause button on the remote control froze Sushmita's face and kissed her. Then he began the tedious task of tracking Sushmita wherever she traveled, and on one occasion asked her for an autograph on the palm of his hand, which she refused. By doing so, Sushmita did not realize that she had opened an door in her life that would take her to distant Seychelles running away from an obsessed fan - a decision that will entrap her on a lonely island with no one for company except the man who claims he loves her most in the world - and the one she dreads the most.