Divyashakti - DVD

Divyashakti - DVD
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Divyashakti - DVD

Director: Sameer Malkan Producer: Dinesh Patel Music: Nadeem Shravan Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Prashant Verma (Ajay Devgan), sub-editor of NAVKRANTI, resides on Mumbai along with his younger sister Shalini (Natasha Sinha). The editor of Navkranti supports Tau (Amrish Puri), the reigning Mafia don and tries to give Tau a clean image in his newspaper. Tau's nephew, Bharat Acharya (Shakti Kapoor) is known as a social worker but the fact is that, he indulges himself in the flesh trade. The duo are aided in their criminal activities by Police Commissioner Anand Deshmukh (Shafi Inamdar). Prashant is well aware that Tau and Bharats activities are constantly on rise and that, law and order has been crippled. An idealist that he is, Prashant wants to revolt against the anti-social elements but controls himself because he has responsibility of his sister at the back of his mind. Priya (Raveena Tadon), his beloved, does not want him to risk his life for idealism as she loves him very much. As luck would have it, Prashant witnesses a murder committed by Bharat Acharya. This time, Prashant''s conscience does not allow him to ignore the incident and thus, there is a clash between his helplessness and conscience. Ultimately, he decides to reveal the truth, come what may. Priya and Shalini understand Prashant's selfless intention of launching an attack on the evil forces and the support him in his endeavours. But this is just beginning of war; Prashant waging a lone battle against Tau and Bharat. Eventually, it is Prashant who has to undergo a lot of turmoil and has to pay a heavy price. Shalini falls prey to Tau's atrocities and loses her life.It's a do-or-die battle and for prashant, it has now become all the more imperative to put an end to all the treachery. Will he succeed in his mission? To know the answer, you will have to view 'DIVYASHAKTI'.