Do Chor - DVD

Do Chor - DVD
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Do Chor - DVD

Director: Padmanabh Producer: Raj Khosla Music: R.D. Burman Actor/Actresses: Dharmendra, Tanuja, K.N. Singh, Jalal Agha Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Tony (Dharmendra) a professional burglar is at the receiving end from the police for a series of robberies he had nothing to do with. This burglar seemed to taunt the police and Tony with deliberate clues left behind. The only way Tony could clear himself with the police was to catch the thief himself. And find him he did, a baby faced boy barely out of his teens. Tony wanted to keep him under his thumb. One day the boy just disappeared. While searching high and low for the boy, Tony met Sandhya (Tanuja), his elder sister a well known commercial artist with a big advertising agency. She was totally unaware of her brother’s nefarious activities, and Tony did not want to tell her. For he, rather liked her. When the boy suddenly resurfaced and two of them decided to do one last job that Tony found out the real secret behind the boy. And was he flabbergasted.