Dulhan Dilwale Ki - DVD

Dulhan Dilwale Ki - DVD
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Dulhan Dilwale Ki - DVD

Director: Jayanth Producer: Balram Sharma Music: Ramana Gogula Actor/Actresses: Venkatesh, Preity Zinta Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: This story is about Murli (Venkatesh) and his friends. They planned that whenever any of them decides to marry, then the bride should the passsed the interview held by them. One of Murli's friends decides to get married so he informs his friends to take an interview. When Janu (Preeti Zinta) comes to know about this, she double-crosses Murli and his friends and makes them to pass her friend (bride) from their interview. After the interview the marriage date is fixed. In the marriage ceremony Murli and Janu teases each other this teases arouses a love feeling in each other's heart. Janu's father says her that he has fixed her marriage with Murli. She misunderstands that this is the same Murli whom she met in her friends marriage, but unfortunately Murli is the Policeman who lives in her village. On the other hand Murli's parents search a girl for Murli's marriage. Murli discloses the fact that he meet a girl in his friends marriage named Janu with whom he is in Love and will marry only with her, so Murli comes to Janu's village and there he finds that Janu is unwillingly getting engaged with a Police Inspector. Will she marry with her love?...... Will she run away with her love? Or Will she sacrifice her love?...... To get the answers watch "DULHAN DILWALE KI".