Deewana - DVD

Deewana - DVD
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Deewana - DVD

Director: Raj Kanwar Producer: Guddu Dhanda & Lalit Kapoor Music: Nadeem Shravan Actor/Actresses: Rishi Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Divya Bharti, Amrish Puri Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Renowned singer Ravi is popular within his community and soon get married to one of his fans, a young woman named Kajal. His scheming uncle, Dhirendra Pratap and cousin are determined to lay their hands on Ravi's wealth, and hire goons to kill him. When this news reaches his wife Kajal and mother, Laxmi Devi, both is completely shaken and relocates to a new city in order to wash away there troubled past. Kajal assumes the identity of a widow but soon reaches up with wealthy Raja Sahai and he falls in love and proposes marriage to her, but she refuses, compelled by Laxmi Devi she soon gives her consent to Raja and they get married. Everything returns to her life since Raja is a darling husband, but one day Ravi returns and Kajal is torn between her two husbands, Ravi and Raja.