Desh Ke Dushman - DVD

Desh Ke Dushman - DVD
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Desh Ke Dushman - DVD

Director: Swaroop Kumar Producer: Manmohan Kapur Music: Sonik Omi Actor/Actresses: Raj Kumaar, Hema Malini, Aditiya Pancholi, Mandakini Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Police Inspector Suraj Gupta lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his wife, Kiran, and a young son, Umesh. He is honest, brave, and diligent and successfully apprehends and kills a dreaded outlaw named Jagga. When Jagga's brother, Rakesh Verma, finds out he makes a vow to destroy the Gupta family by hook or by crook and starts by killing Suraj. Kiran manages to escape, and subsequently joins the Police Force so that she could hunt down her husband's killers. Years later Umesh has grown up, has fallen into bad company, drinks alcohol and comes home late at night, and has fallen in love with a cabaret dancer named Anita much to the chagrin of Kiran. Soon Kiran finds out that Umesh was involved in a robbery at the race course as well as has also stolen an expensive necklace from Nanubhai Jewelers. Neither Umesh nor Kiran know that Anita is a pawn of Rakesh, who along with his nephew, Jagga's son, Pratap, is well on his way to do away with the remainder of the Gupta family, and has also hired a hit-man named Sher Khan - and Sher Khan has never failed in any contract killing.