Dil Kitna Nadan Hai - DVD

Dil Kitna Nadan Hai - DVD
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Dil Kitna Nadan Hai - DVD

Director: Ravi Rai

Producer: Kamal Mukut

Music: Anu Malik

Actor/Actresses: Raageshwari, Kiran Kumar, Alok Nath, Raja Murad, Reema Lagu

Subtitles: English

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Vijay Kumar (Kiran Kumar) and Vikram Singh (Alok Nath) are two friends with different beleifs. Vijay Kumar beleives that money can make or breakpeople, whereas Vikram Singh beleives that only a good breeding and wealthy family can make a high society, cultured individual. Both of them love to bet with each other. A third friend Pratap Singh Varma (Raza Murad) wants to turn his friendship with Vikram Singh into a permanent relationship to serve his own gains. Vikram Singh's daughter Kiran (Raageshwari) is extremely spoilt girl who meets a street-wise but honest orphan Raja (Raja). What do the friends bet on? Who wins the bet? Is Raja able to make Kiran fall in love with him? Does Pratap Singh Varma suceed in his plan? Watch the story unravel between good cinematography, good songs by Anu malik and Raageshwari at her best. A pleasant movie, you will enjoy "Dil Kitna Nadan Hai".