Daadi Maa - DVD

Daadi Maa - DVD
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Daadi Maa - DVD

Director: L.V. Prasad Music: Roshan Actor/Actresses: Ashok Kumar, Tanuja, Mumtaz, Bina Rai Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Raja Pratap Rai (Ashok Kumar) and his stepmother Rani Maa (Durga Khote) are bitter enemies, who live separately. Rani Maa's daughter-in-law and Pratap Rai's wife Parvati (Bina Rai) are pregnant at the same time. Pratap Rai is at loggerheads with Parvati's brother Dr. Bharti (Rehman) due to an old feud and throws him and Parvati out from his house. Parvati gives birth to a son, Somu, while Rani Maa's daughter-in-law dies during the birth of her son, Shankar. In an effort to reconcile differences between mother and step-son, Parvati also brings up the motherless Shankar. Later Pratap Rai changes his mind and brings back his wife & son, who infact is Rani Maa's grandson Shankar. Parvati brings her own son Somu who lives in the house like a servant, while Rani Maa's grandson Shankar is brought up as Pratap Rai's heir. Both Shankar and Somu are very close to each other and to Parvati, their mother. Tanuja and Mumtaz play the romantic interests of the two grown-up sons and with various interesting twists and turns, this family drama leads to the gripping climax of Pratap Rai faced with the dilemma of the identity of his real son. Stellar performances by veterans Ashok Kumar, Bina Rai and Durga Khote were the hallmark of this heart-rending film, which had a fine musical score by Roshan with melodies like 'Chale Aaye Re', 'Jaata Hoon Main' and the popular 'Ae Maa Teri Soorat Se Alag'.