Dandnayak - DVD

Dandnayak - DVD
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Dandnayak - DVD

Director: Sikander Bharti Producer: Sanjay Bali & Lokesh Bali Music: Rajesh Roshan Actor/Actresses: Naseeruddin Shah, Inder Kumar, Manik Bedi, Ayesha Jhulka, Shilpa Shirodkar Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Bankhelal Chaurasia came to Bombay from Uttar Pradesh, and started his business of raising and keeping buffalos, and selling milk. At first he got into petty crimes, but soon graduated to major crimes, and got a reputation and big name for himself in the Bombay underworld. He fears only person, and that is Inspector Vishal of the Bombay Police. Vishal has sworn to apprehend Bankhelal by hook or by crook, and he has a reputation of doing this - no matter what the consequence.