Do Phool - DVD

Do Phool - DVD
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Do Phool - DVD

Director: S. Ramanathan Music: R.D. Burman Actor/Actresses: Vinod Mehra, Mehmood, Aruna Irani, Ashok Kumar Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Diwan Bahadur Atal Rai lives a wealthy lifestyle in a palatial house 'Gulistan' in Malabar Hills, Bombay, along with his wife, Malti, and two sons, Pavitra and Charitra. Pavitra was adopted while Charitra is his biological son. They are irresponsible and even failed in their matriculation exams. When Atal gets them to run his business, they decide to use this location to party with alcohol, drugs, and dancing girls. Then when he decides to get Charitra married to Advocate Vardhraj's daughter, Shaila, the duo find out and create a ruckus with Shaila, her family, and her friend, Poonam Apte. When Vardhraj complains to Atal, he decides to disown them, and asks them to leave. Shortly thereafter Charitra returns home claiming that he had a altercation with his adopted brother and has knifed him to death. Subsequently Police Inspector Madhusudan Apte, Poonam's brother, gets enough evidence to arrest Charitra, however, Charitra admits that both he and his brother were pulling a prank to teach their dad a lesson. Madhusudan lets Charitra go with a warning. Then the Mahabuleshwar Police find a dead body and identify it as that of Pavitra. Madhusudan gets an arrest warrant for Charitra, but Charitra manages to escape. A frantic Atal and Malti attempt to make sense of this homicide, and Poonam and Shaila go to seek out the two estranged brothers. They do find Pavitra and bring him home. Rai tells Madhusudan to cancel the warrant for Charitra's arrest, and the later is ready to do so but utter and hilarious chaos prevails when Pavitra claims that his real name is Mani and he lives in Cochin with his widowed mother. Atal is convinced that Pavitra is playing another prank but a number of questions remained unanswered, namely if Pavitra is alive - what of the dead body that was earlier identified as that of Pavitra? and exactly when and why did Pavitra decide to change his name to Mani?