Ek Aur Visphot - DVD

Ek Aur Visphot - DVD
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Ek Aur Visphot - DVD

Director: M.I. Raj Producer: K. Bagdadi Music: Shehar Sharma Actor/Actresses: Makrand Deshpande, Kishori Godbole, Anis Khan, Bhavnaa Rathod, Asrani, Raja Murad Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Underworld gangster and respectable businessman Chandolha's plans to build several illegal structures in Bombay city are foiled by a honest and diligent Municipal Commission Omkar Manav, who only weakness appears to be an uncontrollable temper. Taking advantage of this, Chandolha's Advocate, Bhujang Rao, implicates him in a false police complaint, and has him committed to a mental hospital. Once in the hospital, Omkar is given several shock treatments, which turn him into a vegetable. But Omkar recovers, and with the help of his girlfriend, Kiran Joshi, and inmates Subedar Bhuta Singh, Dr. Daniel, Pandit Radheyshyam Tiwari, and Poet Bekhabar Badnam, begins to plot to entrap and possibly kill the persons who were responsible for his present plight. But how will an inmate escape with other inmates and actually carry out this mammoth task?