Ek Lootera - DVD

Ek Lootera - DVD
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Ek Lootera - DVD

Director: Jitendra Chawda

Producer: Kajal Mukherjee

Music: Sawan Kumar Sawan

Actor/Actresses: Dharmendra, Prithvi, Raza Murad, Durgesh Nandini, Joginder

Subtitles: English

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Iqbal Loha (Dharmendra), a Carlos-the-Jackal-like figure, is the most dangerous contract killer in the country. While carrying out one of his assassinations, his heart is touched when he finds the little daughter of his victim, left terrified and alone on the scene of the crime. In that epiphanic moment, he decides to adopt this child and put aside his profession…. This action packed drama also stars Prithvi, Raza Murad, Poonam Dasgupta and Durgesh Nandini.