Ek Din Achanak - DVD

Ek Din Achanak - DVD
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Ek Din Achanak - DVD

Director: Mrinal Sen Music: Jyotishka Dasgupta Actor/Actresses: Shaban Azmi, Shreeram Lagoo, Aparna Sen Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: In the words of Mrinal Sen, " I wish I could start from scratch. I have done good, bad and indifferent films. I wish I could erase it all and start afresh like the Professor of "Ek Din Achanak" who walked out on his family on a rainy day without as much as informing anybody. One of the saddest things in life is that you live only one life." Starring Shreeram Lagoo Shabana Azmi, Aparna Sen, Roopa Ganguly and Anil Chatterjee, this film won the OCIC Award and an Honorable Mention in 1989, at the Venice International Film Festival. The intriguing plot, told entirely in flashback and a patchwork of fragments put together, is Senís tribute to his art.