Ehsaas - DVD

Ehsaas - DVD
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Ehsaas - DVD

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar Producer: Pravin Shah Music: Anand Raaj Anand Actor/Actresses: Sunil Shetty, Neha, Kiron Kher, Master Mayank, Shivaji Satam, Shakti Kapoor Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Like other films made by director Mahesh Manjrekar, this one too has a strong undercurrent of deep, personal emotions. The story deals with the sensitive relationship between a father and son. Sunil Shetty, who plays the self-righteous father in this film, calls it, his gift, to his own father and son. The film is also centered on sports. A strict and uncompromising father, Sunil Shetty is a single parent who’s bringing up his son (Mayank Tandon) as well as he can. But the young, eleven-year-old boy does not understand the restrictions put on him. The child refers to his father as Hitler and feels that dad does not respect his feelings. Into this strained atmosphere, comes a breath of fresh air in the form of a pretty neighbor (Neha). The child is drawn towards her and she gradually becomes the mediator between father and son. She soon discovers that her feelings for the father are slowly turning into love….This charming film is sensitively handled by Mahesh Manjrekar, who brings out the best in his cast and crew. Music is composed by Milind Sagar and Anand Raaj Anand. Kiron Kher and Shakti Kapoor put in special appearances.