Farz Aur Kaanoon - DVD

Farz Aur Kaanoon - DVD
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Farz Aur Kaanoon - DVD

Director: K. Raghavendra Rao Music: Laxmikant Pyarelal Actor/Actresses: Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Rati Agnihotri, Prem Chopra, Asrani Subtitles: English

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Synopsis: Fulfilling his duty and protecting law is the life of Inspector Ranjit Kumar and this is his only religion in life. The couple Ranjit Kumar and Bharti paired as that of Ram and Sita of the present age. Their happiness had no bounds when Bharti was admitted in the hospital for her first delivery. Soon it changed to sadness as they came to know from Bharti s father that the child was born dead. The sad days than bloomed out to happiness. As within a year Bharti gave birth to a child - Ravi. They forgot the grief of their first child s loss and together looked forward for the upbringing of Ravi. They has the intension of making him an honest and big personality. But Ravi from the very beginning had fell into bad company. From childhood itself he started smoking ciggarett - playing cards - robbing things etc. Due to these bad habits Ravi was admitted to a hoistal from where he lateer ran away. Being a police Inspector Ranjit Kumar finds out Ravi but he hides this secret from Bharti. She wept over the loss of her son. But then too Ranjit Kumar kept Ravi away from her motherhood in the hope that one day Ravi would overcome his bad habits. When Ravi grew up and returned back home,he blamed Ranjit Kumar for all the calamities that he had to face. On one side Ranjit was on his mission to finish off those people who were working against his country and on the other hand Ravi joined them and started creating problems for Ranjit. Even though Bharti loved Ravi, Ravi loved the unlawful life whereas Ranjit Kumar loved his duty and law. Everyone s thought differed, then how could they stay under one roof? On this Ravi left his house. And of his grief Bharti had a paralysis attack. Ranjit Kumar s first son whom Bharti s father had handed over to a maid-servent Ganga, so that Bharti s marraige could not get disturbed now had grown young in a village his name is Ramu. Ramu comes to the town - he saves Major Gopal s daughter - Poonam twice from the road romeos and because of Major Gopal he comes in contact with Ranjit and Bharti his parents. Bharti had become weak due to the seperation of Ravi, at her last moment Ganga the maid-servent comes out with the secret of Ramu being her elder son. Bharti was glad but her time was just near to completion. Before her last breath she took the promise from Ramu that he must break down the wall that stood between his younger brother Ravi and his father. How does Ramu fulfill his mother s last wish? How he brings back Ravi from amongst the Badmas ? How he puts together Ranjit Kumar and Ravi?