Bombaiyer Bombatay - DVD

Bombaiyer Bombatay - DVD
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Bombaiyer Bombatay - DVD

Direction/ Music: Sandip Ray

Cast: sabyasachi Chakrobarty, Parambrata chatterjee, Bibhu Bhattachary, Paran Banerjee, Rajatava datta, Rajesh sharma, Anjan Sribastav

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When the right to make a Hindi film out of Bombaiyer bombatayis sold by its author jatayu, the man behind this pen name, the hack mysterythiriller writer lalmohan ganguly- invites pradosh mitter, the private investigator, and his young cousin tapesh, to watch the shooting in Mumbi. The mystery begins before their departure, A producer comes to Ganguly to but the rights of the same book to make a Bengali film. As he is about to leave, upon hearing that the rights have already been sold, he asks Ganguly to deliver a paccket containging a book for a relative in Mumbai which would be picked up at the airport. However, the man who picks up the packet eventually finds out that he has got the wrong packet. From this point on, the plot of this thriller begins to brew.