My Name Is Khan - Blu Ray

My Name Is Khan - Blu Ray
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My Name Is Khan- Blu Ray

Director:Karan Johar

Producer: Vijay Galani

Music: Shankar Ehsan Loy

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol

Sub Titles in: English

Features: 2 DVD Set

Sub Titles in: English

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Synopsis: Rizvan Khan a muslim man from india moves to SF and lives with his brother and sister in law. Rizvan who has Aspergers falls in love with Mandira. Despite proteste from his family they get married and start a small business together. They are happy until Spetmber 11, 2001 when attitudes towards Muslims undergo a sea change. When tragedy strikes, madndira is devastated and they spilt. Rizvan is confused and very upset that the love of his life has left him. To win her back, he embarks on a tocuhing and inspiring journey across America.