Dhoom - Indian Movie Blu-ray

<b>Dhoom - Indian Movie Blu-ray<b>
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Dhoom - Blu Ray

Director: Sanjay Gadhvi

Producer: Yash Raj

Music: Pritam

Lyrics: Gulzar

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan , Uday Chopra , John Abraham , Esha Deol , Rimi Sen

Sub Titles in: English

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Jai (Abhishek Bachchan), a smart assistant police commissioner has a tough time finding a clue to the theft committed by four helmeted men on bikes. They do it so deftly that nobody gets a clue. The only evidence is the super speed hi tech bikes they use for the heist. Jai's investigation follow the bikes and he meets Ali ( Uday Chopra )an exceptional racer who works as a garage mechanic cum bike dealer. He is an easy going character and his weaknesses other than his bike are women and money. Although they are just the opposites and don't get along well, Jai and a reluctant Ali form a team to book the culprits. Meanwhile the gang of bikers lead by Kabir (John Abraham) carry on with their heists at night and work as pizza boys in daylight. Once they almost get caught by Jai but escapes leaving just a bike behind. Kabir informs Jai of their next venture and throws a challenge to either catch him or leave him alone. Even with all the planning the cops fail and the robbers goes scot-free. Jai feels dejected and wants to quit his job. Kabir plans his final robbery at a casino in Goa. Jai and Ali are ready for him. Will they succeed?