Kama Sutra - Blu Ray Disc

Kama Sutra - Blu Ray Disc
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Kama Sutra- Blu Ray Disc

Actor/Actress : Naveen Andrews, Sarita Choudhury, Indira Varma, Rekha

Director Mira Nair

Genre Film, Adult

Subtitles English

Category Adult_DVD

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Synopsis :

Maya, first seen in girlhood, has a lifelong rival in Tara (Sarita Choudhury, a star of Ms. Nair's ''Mississippi Masala''), who is a princess. Maya is Tara's servant, though it is immediately clear that Kama Sutra training is a great leveler in this culture. The young girl who shows a flair for the Dance of Enticement, as Maya does when both girls are trained by a top-seeded courtesan named Rasa Devi (Rekha, a popular Indian film star), can expect definite advantages in life.

Sure enough, on the eve of Tara's wedding to the handsome king, Raj Singh (Naveen Andrews, who plays Kip in ''The English Patient''), Maya glides into his bedchamber and shows exactly how the Dance of Enticement gets results. While the virginal bride is being taught by her elders that she should allow the groom to put a beetlenut in her mouth, Maya takes a more direct approach.

As a consequence of this candlelit tryst, Raj Singh becomes obsessed with her, and Tara becomes her permanent rival.