Mahabharata - Books with lllustrations

Mahabharata - Books with lllustrations
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Mahabharata - Books

The Greatest Epic Of The World That Showcases The High Moral Values

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"Tapsa Brahmacharyen Vyasy Vedam Sanatanam

Itihasmiman Chakre Punyam Satyacatisutah"

This popular sacred historic epic, the expanded exemplification of the immortal vedic values, is the creation of the power attained through penance and celibacy by lord Vyasa, the son of Satyawati.

Mahabharata is the greatest epic of the world, the biggest parade of historic sagas of our land. It reflects the social, cultural and philosophical picture of ancient India. Hte scholars call it The Fifth Veda. Every saga of this epic presents dramatically the way the evil apparently has upper hand but the good triumphs eventually. Thus,the soul message of Mahabharata is Where there is righteousness there is victory.