Zameer (Sanjay Kapoor) - DVD(1997)

Zameer (Sanjay Kapoor) - DVD(1997)
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Zameer (Sanjay Kapoor) -DVD

Starring/Cast: Sanjay Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty

Director Rajat Rawail

Brand/Distributor B4U/EROS

Genre Film, Action

Subtitles English

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Kishan is a petty thief who flees Bombay and goes to Jamalpur. There he meets Beparwah and they decide to join forces. Jamalpur is "ruled" by Mafia named Raja Gajraj Singh. His brother Vikram has his eye on Roma, who is the sister of the superintendent, and he is a stooge of Gajraj Singh. One night, Kishan sees Roma and falls in love with her. Roma is not excited about marrying Vikram. Kishan and Roma develop feelings for each other. There are several people who want to settle score with Gajraj Singh. Of these people are Jaichand Marwah and a poor school teacher. The atrocities perpetrated by the evil forces moves Kishan and awakens his conscience. He starts visualizing the consequences if he remains a spectator. How he fights the evil forces and brings about justice and peace in Jamalpur forms the story of Zameer.