Beat of India ( Flok songs from Malwa) - CD

Beat of India ( Flok songs from Malwa) - CD
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Beat of India ( Flok songs from Malwa) - CD

From the bubbling rivers and the undulating sand dunes of the stony plateau, Malwa stretches from Punjab, Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh, encompassing the people, customes, traditonis, nature and all of life and in turn giving birth to great music. By the time it reaches. Madhya Pradesh's Malwa, the music acquires its own unique flavour, a combination of pungent, sweet and salty with a tadka of tangy chilll. Whether it's a village square, a roadside dhaba or a small town yet to be incaded by the mail culture, you can hear the voices of Sundar Lal Malvi, Dayaram saroliya or Ramavtar Akhand and many others like them, piercing right through to your soul. Pure joy, that is what the music of malwa is all about, setting feet tapping from the word go.

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1. Arara sankharya - Sundra lal malvi

2. mharo malwo desh - Ramavtar askhand

3. lime liboli paki - dayaram saroliya

4. Sanja ke darbar - Archana parmar

5. Mihara ram runije wala - Dayaram Saroliya

6. Jaavo nugri kaya - Heera singh boriliya and group

7. Gadi to radki - ramavtar Akhand

8. Guru bhajlo - SUndar lal malvi

9. Kesar ki udat phuhar - Dayaram saroliya

10. Kanhuda se khelungi - Ramavtar akhand

11. Alakh niranjan se lagyo - Sunday lal malvi

12. Jajo jajo re - Dayaram Saroliya

13. Ghana din so liya - Kaluram bamnia