Beat of India ( Nirgun Singers from malwa) - DVD

Beat of India ( Nirgun Singers from malwa) - DVD
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Beat of India ( Nirgun Singers from malwa) - DVD

Kumar Gandhaeva, one of the greatest singers of our times has said that the Ragas of classical music have their origins in peoples's tunes. The Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh is a living example of this and it inspired kumar ji to give a new life and dimension to his music. One of the most interesting aspects of the Nirgun singing here is that although Kabir never lived anywhere close to this region, it seems as if this was, and still is, his home. Scores of mandalis or groups sings his words in a very melodious and gynamic style, as sudden and loud as the boom of a cannon and as slow and soft as the genle wind. If music has ever moved you, listen to this.

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1. Satgura se milwa chalo re - Kaluram Bamnia

2. Rang mahal mein - Prahlad Singh Tipaniya

3. Bina bhed bahar mat bhatko - Kaluram bamnia

4. Meera zahar ka pyala - Bheru singh chouhan

5. Koi sunta hai gurgyani - Prahlad singh tipaniya

6. lere naam lere naam - Sundar lal malve

7. Inka bhed bata mere avadhu - prahlad singh tipaniya

8. Phagan Aato re - Beru Singh Chouhan

9. Ya gadi mhara des ki - Hansraj malwi

10. har har maroonga - Prahlad singh tipaniya

11. Tu mat jojo piyaso - Kaluram bamnia