The Life and Times of Jagjit Singh ( 8 CD Set)

The Life and Times of Jagjit Singh ( 8 CD Set)
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The Life and Times of Jagjit Singh ( 8 CD Set)

Saregama Presents The Lif and Time of Jagjit Singh

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SaReGaMa a premier entertainment company, have pleasure in presenting this exclusive and very special 8-CD pack of the Ghazal king Jagjit Singh. Jagjit means one who wins the world and that's exactly what Jagjit Singh has done! He has won the hearts of music lovers not only in India but also all over the world.

This 8-CD pack is more significant as it comes when Jagjit Singh has just completed 65 years of a truly musical life dedicated to the love of music. The pack includes 3 CDs of solo ghazals sung by the artiste through his musical journey and includes such unforgettable numbers, like Baat Niklegi to door talak jayegi and Duniya Jise Kehte Hain; 1 CD dedicated to duets sung by Jagjit & Chitra which includes some of the outstanding songs sung by the duo, like Kaun Kehta Hai Mohabbat Ke Zubaan Hoti Hai, Ishq Mein Ghairat-e-Jazbaat Ne Rone Na Diya, Aaye Hain Samjhane Log; 1 disc covering his memorable film-hits like Tumko Dekha To Yeh Khayal Aaya and Who Kagaz ki Kashti Who Barish ka Paani; a CD that includes his devotional songs and another one that carries his lively Punjabi hits.

It will not be out of place to mention here that as early "as the mid-60s HMV, the name that SaReGaMa was then known as, was the first recording company ever to bring out a song recording of Jagjit Singh - the ghazal was "Saaqiya hosh kahan tha..." that he sang in his own inimitable style. And the rest, as they say, is history -yes, His Story! Because since then there has been no looking back for this prolific singer and our company SaReGaMa as we have been with the maestro through his thick and thin, through his entire musical journey. Needless to say that we therefore pride ourselves in possessing the best song renderings of this great master - Jagjit Singh! Long live the ghazal king!

For thousands of sensitive souls allover the world, Jagjit Singh stands for catharsis. There is no other voice, which can sing out the notes of emotions deep within the recesses of our hearts quite like him. Listening to him is like an emotional release, almost therapeutic in nature. It is said that, an artist is one who can express the unexpressed feelings of the masses. If that is true, Jagjit Singh is an artist-par-excellence by the very definition. His deep voice holds the key to perhaps every emotion locked within us.

Jagjit Singh "Live at Sydney" showcases the legendary ghazal singer performing live at the Opera House- Sydney, singing his ever-famous ghazals. The album features tracks like Main Nashe me in hoon, Who Kagaz ki Kashti, Kal chaudhvin ki raat thi, turn itna jo muskura rahe ho and many other hit tracks. His performance in the opera house moved the audience and he enchanted then with his music, voice and charm: The people of Sydney had never experienced such a wonderful musical feast and were not limited to their seats. It was memorable experience for them which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Saregama is proud to be associated with "Jagjit Singh- Live at Sydney". Saregama has been intimately associated with the development of Indian music from the time the first recording was made on Indian soil. Saregama owns the largest music archives in India, one of the biggest in the world. The ownership of nearly 50% 'of all the music ever recorded in India makes Saregama the most authoritative repository of the country's musical heritage. The depth of its music catalogue, the largest in India, coupled with a diversified portfolio and undoubted brand images are the company's biggest strengths. It is a great destination for both emerging and established artists and is known for its artist management skills. Jagjit Singh broke the boundaries between ghazal and the common man and is the undisputed king of the genre.