Buddha Lunge - - Meditation Music CD Inner Peace

Buddha Lunge -  - Meditation Music CD Inner Peace
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Buddha Lunge - Meditation Music CD Inner Peace

Entice yourself into the exotic appeal of the buddhas radical mystique and enter into the mode where in the good horse runs even at the shadow of the whip. Let your spirit soar into Zen land with the spiritually seductive music of this album. Soft caressing intimate and mystically suggestive. the tracks of buddha lounge put you in an enlarged frame of mind wherein you can take the entirety of yourself with a charmed ambieance of spiritual sound scapes elevate and up life yourself with gossamer plumes that rise with you to rare field relams. Here are scented waters, inviting fragrances beckoning smiles. This is world music at its best as it takes you to charmed worlds.

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The Middle path

2. Contemplative Serch

3. Serenity

4. Spaces Within

5. Mystical magic

6. Loving Abundance

Artist: Pravin Mani