Anuradha - DVD

Anuradha - DVD
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Anuradha - DVD

Starring Actor /Actress - Balraj Sahni, Mukri, Nazir Hussain, Asit Sen, Rashid Khan,Leela Naidu, Baby Bano

Director - Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Producer - L.B.Films

Music Director - Ravi Shanker

Print type - Black and White

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There are moments in our lives when our whole being is put to the test. Our ideals, our ambitions, are forgotten and we crave for escape. Escape into the world of our dreams. And such is Anuradha's (Leela Naidu, one time Femina Miss India) story. The daughter of a rich man, she has everything she desires, yet she goes on to marry Dr. Nirmal Chowdhary (Balraj Sahni), an idealistic doctor, who wants to serve the poor in the villages of India. Later when she is shown what she is missing by living with this poor doctor, she has to make a choice. Her life or the love of her life.