Anwar - DVD

Anwar -  DVD
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Anwar - DVD

Starring - Actor / Actress - Siddarth Koirala,Viyay Raas,Rajpal Yadav,Yashpal Sharma,Sudhir Pandey,Manisha Koirala,Nauheed Cyrusi Director - Manish Jha

Producer - Rajesh Singh

Music Director - Mithoon, Pankaj Awasthi

Print type - Color

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An artist Anwar is mistaken for a terrorist and what follows is a mirror image of the present Indian condition. The main characters, a rabble rousing minister, two journalists trying to redeem their careers and in the process their lives, a priest who wants to preserve the status quo, and a senior police officer who wants desperately to leave this place but cannot unless he closes this case, each try to engineer the situation to their benefit, playing out their hopes and desires on Anwar. Through them and the stories involving them Anwar finds a pulsating love, a love plastered against the throbbing canvas that is India.