Apradhi Kaun - DVD

Apradhi Kaun  -  DVD
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Apradhi Kaun - DVD

Starring : Actor / Actress - Abhi Bhattaacharya, Dhumal, Murad,Mala Sinha, Kumkum

Director - Asit Sen

Producer - Bimal Roy Prod.

Music Director - Salil Choudhary

Print type - Black and White

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Synopsis :

When Jogeshwar Babu, the zamindar of Jitpur makes a second will making his elder son the sole heir to the estate, he makes sure that his unscrupulous younger son cannot lay his hands on the will. He leaves it with a close friend. In an attempt to steal the will, the friend is murdered. When the police come to arrest the younger son for the executor's murder, they find his dead body; he has been stabbed to death. The killer himself has been killed. Who is the real killer? Why has the younger son been silenced?