An Evening in Paris - DVD(shammi Kapoor)

An Evening in Paris - DVD(shammi Kapoor)
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An Evening in Paris - DVD

Staring : M.B. Shetty, Pran, Sharmila Tagore,Shammi Kapoor


Director:Shakti Samanta

Producer:Shakti Samanta

Singers:Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi

Synopsis :

A rich girl named Deepa (Sharmila Tagore) has gone to Paris, France in search of true love. She has not had much success in India, and has decided to go to Paris. Her father's secretary lives there and has hired an assistant, Honey, and a driver Makkan Singh (Rajindernath)for her there. There she meets Shyam/Sam (Shammi Kapoor), who immediately falls in love with her and begins to follow her around. Deepa soon gives into his charms.

Meanwhile, Deepa's father's secretary's son, Shekhar (Pran) has a gambling debt and needs money. Knowing that Deepa is rich, he tries to marry her. She does not love him however, she loves Sam, so she refuses. At the casino is a girl who is identical to Deepa - Suzy (Sharmila Tagore). Shekhar, angry at Deepa, hatches a plan. He kidnaps the real Deepa and puts Suzy in her place. For a few days no one can tell that she's not Deepa but then Sam starts to wonder what has happened to her, when he notices her smoking and drinking - classic signs of an identical double switch. He starts to get suspicious.

Sam and Deepa's father figure out that Suzy is Deepa's lost twin sister, who had been kidnapped when she was very young and her real name is Roopa. Deepa's father is overjoyed that he has found his daughter, but Suzy refuses to accept herself as his daughter; she does not recognize him. Sam goes after Suzy to find out where Deepa is. Suzy says she will tell him if he marrys her, as she has fallen in love with him while pretending to be Deepa. Sam says that this is impossible and that he only loves Deepa. This angers Suzy at first but she later realizes that she should not come between her sister and her love. As the story climaxes, one of Shekhar's accomplices has asked for money as ransom for the real Deepa. Sam offers to go there to get Deepa, but Suzy also goes before him, and switches places with Deepa. The real Deepa escapes. Sam arrives there, and gets into a fight with Jack. Jack shoots the real Suzy, pretending to be Deepa. Suzy tells Sam that she's really Suzy and that Deepa has escaped. Sam runs away, but tells Makan Singh to go help Suzy. Sam finds Deepa and they run away. Suzy is taken to the hospital and she survives.