Anari No. 1 - DVD

Anari No. 1 -  DVD
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Anari No. 1 - DVD

Producer: Aroona Irani Director: Kuku Kohli Starring: Govinda, Raveena Tandon, Simran, Kader Khan, Aroona Irani, Satish Shah, Prem Chopra, Himani Shivpuri & Special Appearance by Johny Lever

Music: Dilip Sen Sameer Sen & Aadesh Shrivastava

Lyrics: Dev Kohli

Genre: Comedy

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Synopsis :

Raja (Govinda) is a slick-witted waiter at a five-star hotel. His aspirations of making it big one day win over the heart of tycoon K.K.-saab (Kader Khan), who takes the young lad under his wing to help waiter-boy become a mega-millionaire. Too bad waiter-boy falls in love with the trendy housemaid, Sapna (Raveena Tandon looking as gorgeous as ever), thinking she is the girl of his dreams. Some harmless deception later, the trio of Raja, Sapna and Satar (Satish Shah), Raja´s car thieving buddy, reluctantly set out for a grandiose money earning scheme. You see, there lives a rich Raja look-alike named Rahul Saxena, in another part of the city and he certainly would not mind parting with a few lakhs to help our poor trio would he? The bumbling team of novice criminals goes about kidnapping Mr. Moneybags and Raja will take his place for a few days to displace a few lakhs from the Saxena family loot. The condition is that Rahul-saab will be treated with the utmost of respect during his temporary confinement. Things begin going awry when Satar unknowinlgy steels the mobile home van of a ruthless kidnapper villain (Aroona Irani´s real-life brother whose name escapes my memory) in order to house the kidnapee. And when Raja takes temporary shelter in the home of his humshakal, the family´s innocence and kind-heartedness get the best of him. How could he have even ever thought of ripping of Maa (Aroona Irani), Paa and the rest of the wholesome bunch? As Raja´s conscience returns, so does the arch-villain, to reclaim his stolen van. Oh, oh! Trouble lies ahead.