Ankush - DVD

Ankush - DVD
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Ankush - DVD

Staring: Nana Patekar, Rabia


Subtitles : English

Producer: N.Chandra, Subhas R. Durgakar


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Synopsis :

Ankush is a 1986 Bollywood movie staring Nana Patekar. It is a story of four young men, who feel disconnected with society and are wasting their life away when a new neighbour changes their perspective. The protagonists chage their attitude and try and blend in with the normal, honest and hard-working society of 1980s India when they are met with a tragedy. The movie shows how they take revenge for what they think, was a valid punishment for the crime. It also shows their distrust in the law of the land. The movie has a tragic end with all four getting death punishment for doing what they thought was correct, specially so when law of land fails to book the criminals for their wrongdoings.