Buddha Mil Gaya - DVD

Buddha Mil Gaya -  DVD
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Buddha Mil Gaya - DVD

Actor /Actress - Navin Nischol,Om Prakash,Deven Verma,Archana,Sonia Sahni,Aruna Irani

Director Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Producer L.B.Thakur

Music Director R.D.Burman

Print type Color

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Ajay and Bhola are inseparable friends. Down and out on their luck, money trouble seems to be their only companion. On the lookout for a break to become rich and famous, they chance on an advertisement about a missing, old millionaire. Apparently the old man had vanished from his house a number of years ago and would be presumed dead if not found within a period of fifteen days. The ad promised a handsome reward to the finders of the old man, It seemed to be a perfect answer to their prayers. Ajay can marry his girl friend Deepa and Bhola could very well become a film producer. And wonder of wonders, Ajay and Bhola do find the old man alive and well. Their trouble seem to be at an end. But what seems is rarely what is. For Ajay and Bhola it is only the beginning of……..