Sahibaan - DVD

Sahibaan - DVD
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Director: Ramesh Talwar

Music: Shiv Hari

Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Actor/ Actress: Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit

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In the lap of snow capped mountains of Himalayas, there is a small beautiful village. In this village lives a girl whose beauty is famous. Her name is Sahibaan(Madhuri Dixit). Sahibaan's beauty is the talk of the village and all surroundings, her name causes the flower to bloom and speed of the river to increase. The entire area smells of her presence.

One day an innocent youth (Rishi kappor) comes to the village. He plays the flute so well that Sahibaan gets attracted to him and they fall in love. Both of them swear never to leave each other. In the same calley, lives a handsome young prince Vijay Singh( Sanjay Dutt) who spends all his time drinking and womanizing. Despite of all this he feels lonely and dreams of beautiful girl who will share his life. He instyructs his Biwan, Durga singh( Bharat Kapoor) to find her.

One day Vijay spots Sahibaan and decides to marry her. HE tries to take her away from Gopi but fails. He then takes Gopi away to loney place. Here Gopi meets Tikka's (Kiran kumar) pretty sister Raj kumari( Sonu Walia). Tikka hates Vijay Singh and their enemity is generations old. He take the chance to take revenge on Vijay Singh. Two youngs lovers are caught in this web of life and death....What happens?