Daag - Dilip Kumar - DVD

Daag - Dilip Kumar  -  DVD
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Daag - Dilip Kumar - DVD

Starring : Dilip Kumar, Kanahaiya Lal, Lalita Pawar, Leela Mishra, Nimmi, Usha Kiran

Director : Amiya Chakrabarty

Producer : Amiya Chakravarthy

Lyrics : Hasrat Jaipuri, Shailendra

Genre : Drama

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Shankar has hit the bottle because he is unable to fight the injustice of the world. His friend Parvati is waiting patiently for the day when fortune would smile on the little paradise she was building around him. However, Parvati wakes up one morning to find her brother rich and prosperous thereby creating an insurmountable wall between her and Shankar. Without caring for anything in the world Parvati gives up everything only to be with the man she cares for. Her brotherís gentle persuasion, her friendís tearful pleading and her sister-in-lawís angry scoffing cannot shake her from her resolution