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Director: Vishram Sawant

Producer: UTV

Actor / Actress : Randeep Hooda, Goga Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Isha Koppikar, Rukhsaar

Sub Titles in: English

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D tells the story of Deshu [Randeep Hooda], who rises from the ashes and creates an empire of his own. While finding a foothold in the world of crime, Deshu faces opposition from within the ranks of his company. The kith and kin of his mentor [Goga Kapoor] are unhappy with Deshu's rise and the rift widens every time Deshu conquers new horizons and scales new heights. Despite the hiccups, Deshu and his comrade Raghav [Chunkey Pandey] perform their duties with utmost honesty. The two sons of the mentor [Yashpal Sharma, Sushant Singh] realize that the focus has suddenly shifted towards Deshu. The tension builds up with each passing incident and the duo decides to settle the scores. They first target Deshu's comrade and then Deshu and his actress-girlfriend [Rukhsaar]. The battlelines are drawn. It's Deshu on one side and his mentor's two sons on the other. What happens next?