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Sadak chhap - DVD

Director: Anil Ganguly

Music: Bappi lahiri

Lyrics: Anjaan

Actor/ Actress: Jackie Shroff, Padmini Kolhapuri, Richa Sharma, Amrish Puri

Audio: Dolby Digital

Sub Titles in: English

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This is a story of exploitation, action and emotion, a high voltage drama. Our hero Shanker (Jackie Shroff) is lonely & psychic. He always roams on the streets aimlessly and is know as Sadak Chhap. Inspite of the blind lady's (Usha Nadkarni) affection & Anju's (Padmini Kolhapure) love, he leads an aimless life but is always ready to help others. why is he so complexed character ? Because he knows he is the son of a murderer, who is undergoing a life sentence in jail. Now enters the character of Dharamdas (Amrish Puri) a Gambler, Smuggler & a Politician, In one of the election meetings, Dharamdas meets Sadak Chhaap and realises that he is a dangerous man and to be cautious of. He then tactfully lays a plans to exploit Sadak Chhap the same way as he had earlier exploited his father (Biswajeet). He presents him a Ambulance and what does he do after that?How and when father and son meet? How Anju will help her man to take revenge, you will get the answers in SADAK CHHAP.