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Sultaan - DVD

Director: T.L.V. Prasad

Music: Bappi Lahiri

Lyrics: Shyam Raj

Actor/ Actress: Dharmendra, Mithun Chakravorty, Shaina Swarna, Sanjeeva Shiva

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"Sultaan" is the story of a very trustwrothy, sincere and honest piolice officer Sultan Rasool Baksh, he is forced to give up his job, as he sees that his Uniform has no valur in corrupt system. He now becomes SULTAAn, an undercover warriour against the corrupts system. When for the first time Sultaan's friends's son Abhimanyu come s home in a Police OFficer's uniform, Sultaan tell him about the harsh reality about the police department and the corrupt system. He tells him to choose between SULTAAN or his job in the police force. As fate would have it, Veer Badra, who is the numero uno in the underworld has five wicked sons, they play dirty tricks on inspector Abhimanyu and lay a trap against him. Abhimanyu till now thought it was his duty to control anti elements, but after his incident, he emerges stronger and takes the guise of SULTAAN and teaches Veer Badra and his sons a lesson. Meanwhile, in another City, a lookalike of Inspector Abhimanyu is found, Kabeera, he works in a car service station. Every body is confused, inspector Abhimanyu is missing and there are three pople but one name - SULTAAN