Sadhna - DVD

Sadhna - DVD
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Sadhna - DVD

Director: B.R. Chopra

Music: N. Dutta

Actor/ Actress: Sunil Dutt, Vyjanthimala, Manmohan Kishan

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When Mohan's (Sunil Dutt) ill mother slips down the stairs, her condition is pronounced serious. Her only wish on her death bed, is to see her son married.

Under pressure from his mother, Mohan takes the advise of his uncle and agrees to bring home his uncle's daughter to act as his wife to-be, thus aiding a peaceful departure of his mothers soul - Of course this would all be at a price.

Unknown to Mohan his uncle hires the services of a dancing girl and a prostitute called Champa (Vyjayantimala) to act as his daughter and Mohan's bride to-be.

The presence of Champa gives strength to the dying mother and she gets a new lease of life after seeing the person she thought was her daughter-in-law.

A string of events compel Champa to reveal her true identity to Mohan and she wants out but its too late, Mohan has already fallen in love with her and his mother is pushing them to tie the knot.

Can Champa and Mohan put her profession behind them and build a future for themselves?

What happens when the mother finally finds out the true identity of her daughter-in-law-to-be?

Sadhna is a film about the trials and tribulations of Human emotions that conflict with reality.