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Swarag narak - DVD

Director: Dasari Narayan rao

Music: rajesh Roshan

Actor/ Actress: Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Sanjeev kumar, moushumi Shabana Azmi, Kamini Kaushal, Helen, Paintal and Tanuja

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Swarg Narak is the story of two friends and their marriages. Of two lifestyles so different and yet so intertwined. One if blessed with husband that is devout and true. But her mind is corrupt with jealousy and hampers her relationship. The other is cursed with a man who has no interest in his wife and spend the late night hours away from her galvanizing and womanizing. Watch the movie as we follow these two marriages and watch their struggles with themselves and their partners as they try to correct the wrong doings and live a happy life.