Soch - DVD

Soch - DVD
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Soch - DVD

Director: Sushen Bhatnagar

Subtitles: English

Acotr/ Actress: Arbaaz kahn. Raveena tandon, Aditi Govitirikar

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A suspicious wife. A helpless husband. A lovelorn other woman. And a psycho on loose.

Soch is a murder mystery revolving around Raj, Madhulika, Preeti and Om (Sanjay Kapoor, Aditi Govitrikar, Raveena Tandon, Arbaaz Khan respectively).

Raj is a popular film star happily married to Madhulika. Madhulika's imagination runs riot as she observes Raj working in close proximity with choreographer-cum-director Preeti, who likes Raj but puts a lid on them.

The entry of crazy man Om leads to a series of twists and turns and, ultimately, Madhulika's murder.