Ghaav - The Wound - DVD

Ghaav - The Wound - DVD
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Ghaav - The Wound - DVD

Director: Kumar Jay Producer: K.K. Nayyar Music: Suresh Rajeha Actor/Actresses: Om Puri, Rahul Bhatt, Seema Biswas, Deepak Tijori Subtitles: English

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All the items are official brand new. Synopsis: Jogi Thakur (Govind Namdev) is the power behind the ruling party ministers in Bombay City, and not only rules over the underworld, but also over the law-makers; the Home Minister (Anant Jog); the Police Commissioner (Virendra Saxena), and police officers all over the city. The Police of the City are on the look out for an escaped convict Tanya (Seema Biswas). The police are assisted by Sarja (Mita Vasisht), who is the Warden of the prison that Tanya broke out from. Tanya has confessed to killing her husband, Jayant (Pankay Berry). At every encounter with Tanya, in prison or out, Sarja severely and mercilessly beats up Tanya to a pulp, but Tanya keeps eluding the law, and with the help of Journalist Pooja (Gulrez), her friends Rahul (Rahul Bhatt) and Vicky (Deepak Tijori) hopes to unravel the mystery behind the death of her husband Jayant (Pankaj Berry); find her missing sister-in-law Guddi (Gayatri); and seek justice. Finally, the Commissioner to rogue police inspector Gautam (Om Puri) and instructs him to bring in Tanya dead or alive. Nobody is what they appear and Tanya soon realises that Vicky is amongst the people who had perpetrated the injustice against her.