Ghar Sansar - DVD

Ghar Sansar - DVD
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Ghar Sansar - DVD

Director: K. Bapaiah Producer: Vimal Kumar Music: Rajesh Roshan Actor/Actresses: Jeetendra, Sridevi, Kader Khan, Shreeram Lagu, Ranjit, Lalita Pawar Subtitles: English

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All the items are official brand new. Synopsis: Girdharilal (Kader Khan) is a very rich and wealthy man. He has made a number of enemies. One of his enemies asks a beggar to masquerade as Girdharilal for a price, to which the beggar agrees. The switch takes place, with the real Girdharilal being abducted. A series of hilarious and comical events take turn as the beggar attempts to pretend to be a rich, left-handed tycoon.