Tere Liye (Video Sound) - DVD

Tere Liye (Video Sound) - DVD
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Tere Liye (Video Sound)- DVD


Sanjay Gadhvi Starring:

Arjun Punj, Bhavna Pani, Ansh Thakker, Shilpa Saklani, Hiten Paintal, Sonali Khare Sub Titles in:


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Aditya, Ritu, Raghu, D.T. and Tara have grown up together in the studio lots. Now, in their bubbling youth, they have formed a band, using each one's creative faculties to the best. Aditya is the owner, Mr. Verma's son. Ritu is the General Manager's daughter. Tara's father is the canteen contractor of the studio and Raghu's father works there as a light man. D.T. is an orphan. All these 5 kids together pursue a collective dream - a dream of their Band being successfull. Their parents don't approve of their musical learnings. There is a lot of conflict inside the tender minds of there kids who are caught in the Catch - 22 situation of choice between pursuing their parent's ambitions and their own musical dream. Piya Anand, a film actress, happens to be shooting in the studio. Their path cross, they spend time together and she realizes what she is missing in life is Freedom, Happiness, Hope, Dream, Friends - words she has only heard of before. Gradually, she too, becomes a part of the band. When everything seems to be going at a smooth pace, a crisis develops jeopardizing their togetherness. It seems that there is no way out to prevent the band from falling apart