Kahani Kismat Ki - DVD

Kahani Kismat Ki - DVD
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Kahani Kismat Ki - DVD

Director:Arjun Hingorani

Producer: Arjun Hingorani

Music:Kalyanji Anandji

Starring: Dharmendra, Rekha, Ajit

Sub Titles in: English

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Human being only get that which is written in their fate. A poor yet principled man Ajeet is forced to commit robbery in order to fulfill his responsibility towards his starving family members. After serving a two-years in prisons sentence. He comes into contact with the rich Premchand. impressed by his sincerity and honesty, Premchand employs him even as his foster daughter Rekha falls in love with Ajeet would his shattered when a doctor tells him that he has blood cancer. a blackmailer,Karam Singh has been collecting Rs. 10,000 every month to protect the secret thta Rekha is not Premchand's daughter. Premchand requests Ajeet to steal money and his documents from Singh's safe. Ajeet decides to do so that his family doesn't suffer after his death. Singh is murdered and Ajeet is arrested by the police.Is Ajeet sentenced to death or not? Does he find true love?