Kala Sona - DVD

Kala Sona  - DVD
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Kala Sona - DVD

Producer: Vinod Shah - Harish Shah

Movie Director: Ravi Nagaich

Music Director: R.D.Burman

Starring: Feroz Khan, Parveen Babi, Danny Denzongpa, Imtiyaz, Keshto

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Rakesh a multimillionaire, handsome bachelor living life luxuriously until the truth behind his father's death comes in to light. He gets a great shock when he learns that his father's death was not natural but he is killed by daku Paupising. Now he decides to take revenge of his father's death, leaves towards the hill area where Paupising has established his empire through the terror and accumulated wealth through the farming and selling of drugs like Afim & Charas (Kala Sona). When Rakesh reaches the hill area he is welcomed on the gunpoint. The security has been tightened in such a way that no new comer could tress in. Fighting with all odds finally he reaches to a comparably secure place, Thakur Ratansing's haveli. Who has good name and fame in the hill area. But Paupising has not even left him, he kidnapped Thakur's son and compelled Thakur to smuggle drugs to secure safety of his son. While staying with Thakur, Rakesh get a new friend Shera who also wanted to see the end of Paupising & his terror. Thakur Ratansing has two daughters Durga & Bela. Rakesh gets in love with beautiful & dashing Durga while Shera gets in love with Bela. Together they fight with Paupising. Will they succeed in ending Paupising and his terror?