Kasak - DVD

Kasak - DVD
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Kasak - DVD

Director: Rajiv Babbar

Music: M.M.Kreem

Lyrics: Sameer

Starring: Lucky Ali, Meera

Sub Titles in: English

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Kasak is a film based on human relationships, where every aspect of life as well as the creator of life can be seen. Sacrifice, love, purity, innocence, simplicity, selfishness, jealousy, are presented to you in the most shocking manner and it is emphasized that what you see, think, or wish are not always true. Amar is a simple, down-to-earth person, serving his mother suffering from diabetes, day and night. He soon becomes a specialist of sorts in the field of treating people with this ailment. After the death of his mother, the only goal in his life was to give love and serve others. Serving as male nurse in Gayatri Devi Diabetic center, his life revolves around the happiness and laughter of the patients. He laughs with them, cries with them, and tries to rob them of their tears to give them their laughter back. Anjali is also working at the same Diabetic center. Anjali is an ambitious, today’s girl who believes in having the best in life by hook or by crook and wants to reach for the skies in the shortest way possible. Amar and Anjali are like an ocean and a river. Just as the restless river, unaware of its own destiny, goes through a long journey of hurdles to merge with its lover – the ocean, and looses its identity in its love, such is the relationship developing between Amar and Anjali. BUT……..But…… life is not as easy as it seems. As the saying goes “to gain something you have to lose something”. Amar loses Anjali. WHY? Amar is haunted by this thought time and gain as he does not have an answer to this question. The only feeling left in him is that of pain as he was so close to getting what he wanted but eventually loses it. Carrying the question “WHY” in his heart he searches for the answers in the dead silence of the cremation ground and sometimes in the valley of his own tears. And Anjali… Unknowingly Anjali is moving on a path which would lead her to an unrealistic world. But eventually their....