Khamoshh... - DVD

Khamoshh... - DVD
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Khamoshh...- DVD

Director:Deepak Tijori

Producer:A.Tijori Films

Music: Jatin - Lalit

Lyrics: Sanjay Chel

Starring: Shilpa Shetty, Juhi Chawla,Rajiv Singh, Shahwar Ali, Rajat Bedi

Sub Titles in: English

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On a stormy night, various people passing through this highway get diverted to this motel, which seems to be their only hope for shelter.

A family encounters a flat tyre on the highway. Due to the stormy weather conditions, the wife gets hit by a speeding car and the husband [Vishwajeet Pradhan] is left with no choice but to take her to the nearest available place -- the motel -- where he could find medical aid.

Also arriving in the motel is a young couple [Rajat Bedi, Kainaaz], who are proceeding for their honeymoon. Others who arrive at the motel include a prostitute, Sonia [Shilpa Shetty], a starlet, Kashmira [Rakhi Sawant], and her business manager Avinash [Rajeev Singh], responsible for the fatal accident.

The receptionist at the motel [Vrajesh Hirjee] manages to accommodate all of them in various rooms.

Yet another person walks in at this stage. Jatin [Shawar Ali], a cop, is transferring one of the convicts [Kelly Dorjee], in his custody, to another prison. He also takes shelter at this motel.

A spate of murders starts taking place at this motel. The mystery deepens… Everyone is on tenterhooks and wants to escape.