Khiladi 420 - DVD

Khiladi 420  - DVD
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Khiladi 420 - DVD

Movie Director: Neeraj Vora

Music Director: Sanjeev Darsan

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Mahima Chaudary

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Ritu Bhardwaj, the only daughter of multi-millionaire Shyam Prasad Bhardwaj is pursued by two men, Rahul & Dev. One is a childhood friend and the other a friend she found in Canada. Both will do anything for her but before she can decide which one she loves, her life takes dramatic turn and she loses her father. What she does not know that one of her suitors is also the killer of her father. In circumstances like these she takes solace in one of the men's arm and marries him. She doesn't know if sheŐs done the right thing. She doesn't know if she really discovered true love. Infact itŐs quite contrary. She has been framed into a dangerous sequence of events. She cannot believe her luck as all her happiness and love are lost in one stroke. She loses all hope of things ever changing and then suddenly one day her true love reappears and shows her a world of complete happiness and only love.