Hulchul - Old - DVD

Hulchul - Old - DVD
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Hulchul - Old - DVD

Director: O.P. Ralhan

Music: R.D. Burman

Actor/Actresses: Kabir Bedi, Zeenat Aman, O.P. Ralhan, Helen, Prem Chopra

Subtitles: English

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Peter (O.P. Ralhan) overhears a conversation between a man and a woman, plotting to kill the wife of a "Mahesh Jetley". Being a very sincere, diligent and a concerned citizen, Peter sets out to try and warn Mrs. Jetley of the apparent threat to her life. After overcoming a number of obstacles, including convincing his prospective mother-in-law, Philomena D'Costa (Tun Tun) that he is not possessed by a demon, he discovers that not one but several Mr. Jetleys have a number of motives for killing their respective wives. Will Peter uncover the real Mr. Jetley who he overheard or will he uncover a number of dead Mrs. Jetleys?