Hum Pagal Premee - DVD

Hum Pagal Premee - DVD
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Hum Pagal Premee - DVD

Director: Mohan Bijlani

Music: Anu Malik

Actor/Actresses: Prem Kishen, Kajal Kiren, Shreeram Lagoo, Jalal Agha

Subtitles: English

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The story of Sunita a teenage girl who is the only heir to an estate worth billions. One fine day she is being treated like a child and hence runs away to Bombay. In Bombay she lands up a job in a publishing house owned by the mega billionaire Seth Dharamdas. After some time she finally metts the love of her life and the two become inseparable and decide to get married. Prem introduces Sunita to his mother over tea and there Sunita is shocked to find out that Prem is the only child of her employer the Mega Billionaire Seth Dharamdas.